Why is Lunix Better than Windows - what can I do with Linux that I can’t with Windows?


I occasionally get asked this by real live people - and also it comes up a lot in places like /r/linux4noobs, so I thought I’d try to provide my answer for this.

Fundamental Differences

Open Source

What has open source done for me lately?

Open source apps are better, not just cheaper.


Repositories & Package Managers

Freedom to Customize

Don’t like the way your favourite software has changes? no problem - just use an alternative, or keep using the existing one. It’s open source, you can do what you like.

Web Development

70% of all web servers run linux - it’s cheap, fast secure and well supported. Why not make you development environment match your deployment environment.

General Development

Programming == text processing == unix toolbox; tools polished over decades.

All the Cool Kids are doing it.

The native platform of an increasing amount of cool new things is Linux, not Windows. This goes back further than people think - Ruby, Python, Perl, etc…​

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