Review: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Gig, Vancouver 2022

A spellbinding & breathtaking evening, with a couple of surprising jewels, in a night full of riches.

Just got back from seeing Nick Cave and Warren Ellis in Vancouver. What a joy and a privilege! I’ve missed live music so much - what an incredible night!

This is a video from that night in Vancouver, of their cover of Cosmic Dancer, which was a fantastic surprise for me. That video was taken by someone standing just in front of me!

We got two encores. The first one was Hollywood, Henry Lee & Girl in Amber - all great. Then they cleared the stage and lots of people left. Then we got a second encore!

This is Into My Arms, which he did with just the amazing backing singers, as a second encore, after half the audience had left thinking it was done - one of several completely spellbinding moments:


Things I learned from this gig:

  • This really re-enforced my earlier lessons from the Sigur Rós gig - be at the front & only go see people you would happily sit down and listen to for a solid hour at home.
  • If you’re enjoying it, stay until the very end; if you can, make sure you don’t have to be somewhere afterwards.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Tour Setlist, Vancouver 2022

March 16th, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

thumbnailSpinning SongNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen4:44
thumbnailBright HorsesNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen4:53
thumbnailNight RaidNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen5:08
thumbnailCarnageNick CaveCARNAGE4:48
thumbnailWhite ElephantNick CaveCARNAGE6:09
thumbnailGhosteenNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen12:11
thumbnailLavender FieldsNick CaveCARNAGE4:34
thumbnailWaiting for YouNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen3:55
thumbnailI Need YouNick Cave & The Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree5:59
thumbnailCosmic DancerNick CaveCosmic Dancer5:55
thumbnailGod Is In The House (2011 Remastered Version)Nick Cave and The Bad SeedsNo More Shall We Part (2011 Remastered Version)5:45
thumbnailHand of GodNick CaveCARNAGE5:17
thumbnailShattered GroundNick CaveCARNAGE5:35
thumbnailGalleon Ship (Live at Alexandra Palace, 2020)Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGalleon Ship (Live at Alexandra Palace, 2020)3:32
thumbnailLeviathanNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen4:48
thumbnailBalcony ManNick CaveCARNAGE4:31
thumbnailHollywoodNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen14:13
thumbnailHenry Lee [2011 Remastered Version] (feat. PJ Harvey)Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsMurder Ballads (2011 Remastered Version)3:59
thumbnailGirl In AmberNick Cave & The Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree4:52
thumbnailInto My Arms (2011 Remastered Version)Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Boatman’s Call (2011 Remastered Version)4:17
thumbnailGhosteen SpeaksNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen4:03

Photo from my seat, showing a few rows of seating, then the stage. On stage is Nick Cave at a piano, with blue backlighting, spotlit with eight tight spotlights, alternating yellow & purple. Behind him, you can just see the gospel-style backing singers.
Figure 1. The view from my seat - what a privilege to be there, what an amazing evening.

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