Write to Minister Guilbeault Opposing Bay Du Nord Offshore Oil Development

The last thing we need right now is new fossil fuel projects. Send a message to Minister Steven Guilbeault and key cabinet ministers, calling on them to reject the Bay Du Nord project and investing in a just transition instead: https://act.leadnow.ca/bay-du-nord-ett/

This is what I wrote, if anyone wants some ideas:

To Minister Guilbeault and cabinet,

I’m writing to you to urge you to reject the Bay du Nord offshore drilling project.

Oil and Gas is ~26% of Canada’s emissions - AND this is ONLY the emissions from production - not the emissions from burning all that fuel for transport, heating etc…​ the Oil and Gas industry needs to go away, ASAP. Fossil fuels must stay in the ground to have any chance of getting to zero.

No approvals for new fossil fuel extraction projects, ever.

This project would move us further from our climate targets and lock us into years of climate destruction. In addition, its location would put critical marine biodiversity at risk.

The science is clear: to change course on climate and build safe, thriving communities, our reliance on fossil fuels must end and we must transition to a sustainable economy. Your government must recognize this and invest in sustainable jobs and energy sources as part of a just transition away from fossil fuels.


Duncan Lock V5L 2W4

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