Want “Reader Mode” for almost the entire web - and have every page load nearly instantly? Here’s how.

There are three main constellations of Web Browsers - ones based on Google’s Blink rendering engine (used in Google Chrome, MS Edge, Vivaldi, Brave and others), ones based on WebKit (used in Safari on MacOS & iOS 7 iPadOS) - and on Mozilla’s Geko engine (used by Firefox & Thunderbird).

There are also a few other, “non-mainstream browsers”, that have their own engines. Cosmic wanderers, not part of the main constellations, that chart their own course, building everything themselves: Flow, Servo, LadyBird, NetSurf - and Dillo-Plus.

Dillo Plus has a Tiny Superpower

Actually, the Dillo-Plus browser has quite a few tiny superpowers - but the one I’m interested in is its ability to ignore all the CSS styles from the website and load your CSS …

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