Post Statistics Plugin for Pelican

This is a Pelican plugin to calculate various statistics about a post and store them in an article.stats dictionary. You can see this in action in the sidebar on the left of this site.

Nice touch from medium.com - now available in Pelican.

I wanted to implement the nice little “X min read” thing from Medium - and it turned out that it was easy to provide a few other interesting stats at the same time, for people to use in their templates.

The returned article.stats dictionary contains the following:

  • wc: how many words
  • read_mins: how many minutes would it take to read this article, based on 250 wpm
  • word_counts: frequency count of all the words in the article; can be used for tag/word clouds
  • fi: Flesch-kincaid Index/ Reading Ease
  • fk: Flesch-kincaid Grade Level

For example:

    'wc': 2760,
    'fi': '65.94',
    'fk': '7.65',
    'word_counts': Counter({u'to': 98, u'a': 90, ...}),
    'read_mins': 12

This allows you to output these values in your templates, like this, for example:

<p title="~{{ article.stats['wc'] }} words">~{{ article.stats['read_mins'] }} min read</p>
    <li>Flesch-kincaid Index/ Reading Ease: {{ article.stats['fi'] }}</li>
    <li>Flesch-kincaid Grade Level: {{ article.stats['fk'] }}</li>

The word_counts variable is a python Counter dictionary and looks something like this, with each unique word and it’s frequency:

Counter({u'to': 98, u'a': 90, u'the': 83, u'of': 50, u'karma': 50, .....

This can be used to create a tag/word cloud for a post.


post_stats requires BeautifulSoup:

$ pip install beautifulsoup4

Caveat Emptor

Please note that the values are a wee bit approximate - it’s surprisingly difficult to compute a perfect word count - it depends on what you count as a ‘word’, how many code samples, data tables, etc…​ you have in your post. Calculating the Flesch-kincaid Index/ Reading Ease/ Grade level stuff involves counting syllables - again something that is very hard to do perfectly, but quite easy to get 90% right.

In addition, the Flesch-kincaid stuff currently only works on English text, but everything else should work multi-language. I haven’t done much Unicode testing though, so patches welcome!

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